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Are you a woman in your 50s, 60s or 70s who's struggling with weight gain or rising blood numbers?

Do you want help to lose weight and actually keep it off?

Are you looking for a simple, common sense way to reverse high blood sugars, pressure or cholesterol - and get off medications?

You're not alone.

And you're in the right place. ❀️



Maybe you've had some wins losing weight over the years...

But you always seem to gain it back.

You always thought you'd succeed if you just tried harder on your next diet....

Let me tell you something:

You CAN succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

And you DON'T need to try harder.

You just need the right system.


Life-Changing Cooking
& Coaching Program

A simple, proven 4-month program for women in their 50s, 60s & 70s to lose weight & reverse high blood numbers - without dieting.

This is NOT your new diet or weight loss program.

On this Program you're allowed to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

Instead, you'll learn a new way of cooking & eating using our unique COOK, EAT, LISTEN™ system.

You'll also make lifelong friendships in our Members-Only Community and get Expert Coaching.

We've already shared our system with over 100,000 Ladies. They've lost tens of thousands of pounds and reversed diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol.

You can too. Are you ready for
Life-Changing Cooking & Coaching?!

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What’s Your Life-Changing Transformation?

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Our Simple 3 Pillar System

1 - COOK Fast, Easy & Healthy Meals

You'll learn a new way to COOK fast, easy & healthy meals, because cooking is the only way to really control what goes into your body.

If you've been cooking for most of your life, you'll learn simple tweaks to what you're already doing so you can get results with your health and weight loss goals.

If you don't know how to cook, you're cooking for one (or you HATE cooking! πŸ™„) you'll learn simple tips and hacks so you can put together restaurant-quality meals in 15 mins or less, without cooking every day.

2 - EAT Whole Foods that Reset Hunger

You'll learn the exact foods to EAT to reset your body's hunger hormones, reduce sugar cravings and bring your blood numbers down.

You'll get access to over +120 of the EXACT recipes our Members have used to lose up to 100 pounds, reverse diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol. The recipes are yours to download and keep!

Our Program is different because you're allowed to eat whatever you want, and as much as you want - so no foods are off limits and there's no counting carbs or calories. All you need to do to succeed is choose some of our recipes to enjoy!

3 - LISTEN To Your Body

You'll learn to LISTEN to your body so you can change your relationship with food to get results that last.

You'll learn how to tackle and overcome stress eating, binge eating and emotional eating - without relying on willpower.

Our MINDSET program is valued at $197 and is included for free for a limited time with your Program! πŸ’–



Weekly LIVE Events
Join us for our Members-Only Weekly Live Events for Inspiration, Weight loss Motivation & Mindset, Live Cooking Classes & Nutrition Q&A. Come to check in, chat with the other Members and get live coaching. All Replays available at your Convenience.

New Cooking Skills

Learn one new cooking skill or meal each week. Our Program is designed so the skills you learn are cumulative. By the end, you will know how to cook all of your meals, snacks & desserts, no matter how busy your schedule.

100+ Nourishing Recipes

Receive ~25 custom-made, easy & tasty, seasonal recipes every month, which practice the Cooking Skill you just learnt. All recipes are created for your optimum Nourishment & Satisfaction™ and designed so you can put a healthy meal on the table fast.

Expert Coaching

Our Members achieve such amazing results because our Homemade experts guide and support them every step of the way. With the Expert-Guided program you receive Expert Coaching online throughout your Program.

New Mindset

You won't find this anywhere else. Receive a unique weekly Mindset piece to learn to eat using the Homemade Principles, COOK, EAT, LISTEN™, so you can transform your relationship with your food for lasting results.

Weekly Challenges

We don't believe in weigh ins. What we DO believe in is empowering you to start preparing your own tasty meals right away! Receive & complete a Weekly Cooking Challenge designed to help you build new healthy habits you can sustain when the program is over.

Support Community

Receive inspiration & support from real people - just like you - going through the program with you, in our private online community. Hear their stories, see their progress, ask questions & share tips.

MORE life-Changing Transformations

"What has become of my outrageous coma-level 350+ morning spikes? My blood sugar reading was 104 this morning! Day after day I am getting my life and myself back with Homemade Method. I could see it the first other people are starting to see it."

- Belle

"This program has changed mine and my husband’s lives forever. Blessed to have found this program and will be forever grateful that I did it."

- Patricia B.


WHAT YOU'll learn to COOK

"Just back from Doctor. Down 4 pounds for a total of 35 since Oct!! BP 116/68!!! Thank you Homemade Team."

- Beverly B.

"It's no pills, it's real life. It's easy recipes and about appreciating good food. My husband’s blood sugars are down dramatically, his blood pressure is good, and he's down about 14 pounds. If you just do it it will work!"

- Malinda


Change Your Relationship With Food



If you don't get results by completing our Program, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

HOW IT WORKS: If you put in the work, and do the Program, then we guarantee you'll be satisfied and on track to achieving your health & weight loss goals by the end of your Program, or you get a 100% refund.

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Payment Options

Life Changing Cooking Program

One Time Payment


(Regular Price $597)


4 Monthly Payments of $87


Healthy Cooking Program (4 months)
New Healthy Recipes (4 months)
Mindset Reset Course (4 months)
Expert Coaching (4 months)
Private Members Community
Weekly Challenges


Live Weekly Events (4 months)
Kitchen Equipment Checklist
Knife Skills Class
Grocery Shopping Checklist & Class
Pantry Stock Checklist
Dealing with Setbacks Class
Recipe Substitutions Advice

"I comfortably wore a skirt last week that was waaaay to tight on me 3 months ago. I feel different eating the Homemade Method way. I feel like I am more Awake? More Alert? More Energy!."

- Margie F.

"My total cholesterol went from 190 to 174.
Triglycerides went from 80 to 65.
My HDL stayed the same at 53.
My LDL went from 121 to 108. "

- Deb M.

Meet Our Stanford Founders

Anna Rakoczy


Anna has masters degrees from Stanford & UC Berkeley. Anna is a Fulbright Scholar, was the Australian Young Lawyer Of The Year In 2008 and competed In National Ice Skating Championships for 4 Years.

Anna is a health coach, an Author and a Cooking Instructor. She founded the Homemade Method™ and has led workshops for Google employees, Stanford Hospital & University employees. Anna presented at the Food Summit In 2013, The Food@Work Conference In 2014 and the Berkeley Food Innovation Lab.

Dr Chloe Chien


Dr Chloe has a combined MD / MBA from Stanford University, with a scholarly concentration on community health. In 2009, Chloe was president of the Stanford Medical Students Association.

Her speaking engagements have included National Kidney Foundation, Hewlett Packard, City Of Menlo Park, Bewell & HIP At Stanford University, Washington Hospital, Food Summit 2013, Davita & many others. Chloe is a member of The American College Of Preventative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition & Diabetes Associations.

Trusted by Leading
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Trusted by Leading
Organizations & Brands

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